Thursday, October 23, 2014

thrifty thursday

Welcome to my second Thrifty Thursday post! This week, I am talking about wall art. When you think of wall art, you typically think of pictures, right? Mostly family pictures (unless you have ugly relatives...just kidding). I'll start there.
My favorite tip: You do not have to have custom framing for an expensive looking piece of art. Every picture in my house is framed in a store-bought frame. I take my photos to Hobby Lobby (#shoutouttoHL) and have custom mats made to fit my store bought frame. You can even use their 40% off coupon on your mat. Most mats will typically run you under $10 after the coupon. Now, I typically use their in-stock mat selection because IMPATIENT. They do a great job. Also, if you have absolutely no idea what mat will work with your picture/art and frame colors, ask them. They are really great at coming up with something that will not be utterly hideous (...and that is the ultimate goal, amiright? WRONG! Aim higher my friends!"). Below is an example of a custom framing job. It helps to have a gorgeous picture to frame. That's my Memom. Come on me out!
Oh, hello me. Nice squinty/picture taking face in the reflection. I am nothing if not incredibly professional.
My second tip of the day is to not even worry about framing. I stuck these up in my son's room with some cute washi tape. Anyone have a washi tape addiction? Not me. Nope, not me at all. Just don't look in my kitchen drawer above the dishwasher. Anywho, this is a fun, casual, non-commital, and most importantly THRIFTY way to display your art. Note the cute washi tape. Look at it. Gah, I love that stuff.
Yes, the tape is pulling up from the corner. I blame my son. He's a picker, and I won't even tell you what else he picks/picks at. Ew.
Oh, because I am real around here, let me show you the uncropped picture.
Yep, in all it's unmade glory. Oh yeah, and  by all means. watermark that bad boy. Errbody's going to want to take credit for that! Pin in, I dare you!
See the wonder of photo editing? It can make messy beds disappear with a click. To be fair, it is absolute torture to make the bed. It is a top bunk. If you have ever had one, I need not say more. 
Here is one more example. It is a $5 poster from Paper Source. That store makes me giddy. It's sad, really. 
This is from Paper Source. It cost a whopping $5! Note the gold washi tape. Look at it!
My next couple of tips are about using other items as wall art. You don't have to "stick" with pictures for some great wall art (See what I did there?). I love the use of plates. This one is by my friend Nate Berkus (Well, maybe we aren't that close. I have actually never met him, but I have seen his show...from my couch.)
I didn't even realize that the focus is on the plant and not the plate. Oops. It's cute though, right?
You wanna talk about plate wall envy...feast your eyes...
I can't locate the correct link to this. Anyone know?
Hello gorgeous! What an impact! You could find a collection of plates in your own home, at thrift shops, or even from granny's attic. Talk about thrifty!

My last tip is to just have fun! This is in my dining room. Why a basket? It has lots of texture, it takes up a lot of space (and I have a lot of space for it to fill), and it was less than $10! Yep. #targetforthewin!
Basket bigger than my head for wall art. Gooooo team!
You think this is a little funky? Hold on to your britches...

Holy wicker Batman!
So, there is my thrifty Thursday. Go put some stuff on your walls friends!

*On a side note: My heart is about to burst with love and appreciation for all of your kind comments on here, and on FB. Yesterdays post was very personal, and I never expected the response that I was given. I certainly wasn't looking for affirmation, but you really filled my "love tank". Thank you thank you thank you! 

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