Thursday, June 11, 2015

my spare bath makeover...finally

You know what I do when my husband is out of town? I do a reno. Yeah, because isn't that what most people do? Bless my husband. He just knows and doesn't even bother asking anymore. He just comes back to a new room.
So, here is what I came up with. I use Polyvore. Basically, you have an unlimited budget and have access to all things interior design. It's Heaven, that's basically what it is. Basically...there, I just wanted to use that word again.

via: Polyvore
(Side note: This gives me an idea as to how the colors and pieces all work together, but I never execute it 100%. It usually looks pretty close, but I tweak as I go.)

So, here is the good, the bad, and the ugly. The bad and ugly came in the form of a texture job that needed to be removed. When we moved into our home, the wall paper looked like this:

Horrendous wallpaper compliments of 1994. You're not at all welcome.
I had originally thought that I could simply knock down the high spots with the tool below & sand it smooth. Wrong Kimosabe. Due to the thickness of the texture, and the anal-retentiveness of the scraper (ahem, that would be me), I had to take it all the way down to the sheetrock. Way way down.
Just getting started. Nope, not working.
Added a little water. Working like a dream... a very bad dream. A nightmare, actually. 
The question is: who doesn't love baby blue and pink shiny wallpaper?
M'kay. So, 12+ hours, a slipped disc in my back, and a brand new vocabulary full of words I have already repented for, I began the "fun" part.

This involved lots of math, pennies, and a saw.
Now, here is the good: instead of using real shiplap, I chose 1/4" plywood sheets from Lowe's. One sheet of plywood is 4' x 8' and I think I ended up using 5 sheets. I had them rip them into 6" strips, so if you are a math genius like me, you'd know that you end up with 8 planks per sheet. Math is hard. I knew that the walls were neither plumb, nor level, so I just started at the top of the sink backsplash and made sure it was level. You can always caulk any little gap between your backsplash and first board. From there, I just cut them to the right length, used a couple of pennies to create a uniform gap between the planks, and used a nail gun to shoot some nails into the studs.

Halfway there, on one wall and waiting for the electrician to show. I may or may not have had a drink at the point.
So, if you know a thing or two about 1990's home construction, you might know that these fabulous light fixtures were all the rage...

Well, when we bought the house, it came down immediately, and was replaced by this one in the picture below: 
Lovely, and for sale if you are interested... 
I really wanted a light over both mirrors, and I am trying to create a more "farmhouse" vibe, so I decided on these from Lamps Plus.
Currently only $50 with free shipping y'all!
After the electrician came to rewire for 2 lights, I finished the back wall, hung my lights, and started on the small side walls. Because of the 1/4" wood that I added to the walls, I had to put spacers behind the wall outlets so the covers would be flush. No big whoop.
Spacers for the switches. I actually thought to take a pic. 
Alright y'all, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I admit that I am not very good at documenting the process, but I can show an after like nobody's business.
Goodbye 1990s and hellooo shiplap! I could cry. 
Just take it in.

Take it all in.

I took these today after a few months of tweaking.

This part of the bathroom has wallpaper that is embossed to look like wainscoting. It's great, but doesn't do well in the bathroom because of the moisture. I plan on giving this it's own shiplap makeover when I recover from this little DIY.

God bless 'Merica

Since this bath doubles as a guest bath, I didn't want it to scream "kids", but I also didn't want it to be too "adult". When deciding on the wall art, I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and these fit the bill.
The one above is from Antique Farmhouse. Colorful + the South + it's a map = Winning!!!

"Bless your heart". It practically jumped off of the shelf and into my hands.
The sign, the basket, and the metal truck are all from, let's say it together, "Hobby Lobby!!!" in this sign. I think I need an intervention. The colors in the "adventure" sign were perfect.
And it had arrows and foxes. Shut up and take my money. 

So, let me give you the DL on the whole reno process:
I truly believe this is a moderately easy DIY project for anyone. Just measure twice, cut once. Use your level. Be one with the nail gun. Make sure small children aren't around when you have to scrape off texture. In fact, it is best to just burn your house down if that is your only option.

barn lights: Lamps Plus
mirrors: Target
faucet, door hardware, paint, wood: Lowes
wall paint color: Custom mix (close to 1/2 formula Lyndhurst Gallery Beige)
cabinet color: Dark Cavern by Behr (again, I used Valspar paint)
cabinet pulls: etsy seller "fantasycottage"
shower curtain: West Elm
black and white towels: Target
white and grey hand towels: HomeGoods
artwork: black and white chalkboard look artwork, "Bless Your Heart", "Your Adventure Awaits" all from Hobby Lobby
metal truck, black & white striped basket with fern, deer head, wall hooks: Hobby Lobby
map in black distressed frame: Antique Farmhouse

If you have any questions about the project, feel free to post a comment and I will get back with you!
Thanks for checking it out.