Tuesday, October 7, 2014

unintended uses

Do you ever look at people's homes and say, "How did they ever think of that?" I know I do. I am amazed at how people can repurpose things into...well, other things. Wow...sometimes I am astonished by my own vocabulary...

Some people are born with that vision, while others of us need a little inspiration. Sometimes, inspiration is born out of necessity. This is true of this light fixture...
Basket as a pendant...why not?
 I had been searching high & low for a plug-in light fixture to hang in my son and daughter's room. Yes, they are 7 and 8 and share a bedroom (and yes...it's as awesome and not messy as it sounds). My daughter is not a girly girl, and my son is all boy. Trying to decorate their room has been a struggle. Let me go ahead and just tell you that this room was JUST painted and needs to be painted again. That's all I'm going to say about that because painting is not my jam. Yes, I paint furniture for a living. Whatever.

Anyway, back to the fixture. I had been searching for one and had come up empty, and by empty I mean I couldn't find anything I liked for less than about $50. So, I snagged this basket from Homegoods. Yes, it is a basket! I had a cord set from Ikea ($8), and I think the basket was under $12. So, for about $20, I had the perfect (and dimmable...boom!) light fixture.

The next idea is an easy one. When it comes to sticking plants and flowers in things, nothing is off limits. I've turned old jelly jars, mason jars, teacups, and anything else that will hold water into a vase. Take this vintage water jug for example. It is probably one of my favorites everrrrrr. (It is for sale, but I secretly hope no one ever buys it...did I say that? Shhhh, don't tell my husband.)
Vintage polar water jug as a vase...yes ma'am!
When looking for shelving for my son and daughter's room, I didn't want a regular shelf. I am picky when it comes to shelving, but when I saw this old orphaned drawer at an antique shop, I knew it could be a unique and fun shelf. I love it all dressed up with a mirror, metal truck, old books, etc.), but I'll tell you a little secret. It usually holds junky trophies and medals. Not so cute, but I can dream it looks like this all the time. Maybe I can convince them that it looks better this way. I'll let you know how that works out.
An old random drawer as a shelf...yes I can! You aren't the boss of me...
Another idea that formed out of necessity is this soap dish that I use as a chalk holder in my kitchen. I picked this up at Magnolia in Waco, Texas (yes, Joanna and Chip Gaines' shop). I think I may or may not have mentioned that I met Chip at their shop. I also may or may not have mentioned that I am going to the Magnolia Fall Workshop this month. I may or may not be so excited that I think I want to breathe into a paper bag when I think about it...but I digress.

My husband actually picked it out for our bathroom, but when I got it home, it didn't look right. My countertops are a cream, and this is bright white. It just looked...
I love this so much...(from SNL)
I knew that I could use it for something else though. It didn't take long for me to realize that it was perfect to hold the chalk in my kitchen. It keeps it close, because I use my chalkboard every single day for school. (Note the chalk nubs. Love those kids and their, um, ways.)
Soap dish as a chalk holder...you betcha!
Chalk in a soap dish...makeup brushes in a trophy. That's how I roll. This is a piece from one of my favorite little shops in Canton, Texas (home of First Monday Trades Days). They have an online shop too, so check it out. It will make your heart burst into a million pieces.
"Old" trophies to hold make up brushes...whaaaaat?
So, don't be afraid to use things for a purpose they were never intended....but don't get carried away.
Mason jar specimens
You're welcome.

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