Wednesday, July 16, 2014

i want a tiny house

This is not a joke. I really do. I think my husband assumes that the Texas heat is making me delirious. To that I say, "No, dear, being at home with all these kids, every single day is making me delirious. The kids wearing 14 changes of clothes, and snacking every single second of every single day, and crafting, and cutting up paper, and gluing all of the things, and making all of the messes makes me delirious." When I think of how much time I spend cleaning, it makes me want to downsize. Like my friend Jennifer says, "It's all gonna burn." Amen.

I have been watching the new series Tiny House Nation, and can I just say, GAH!!! I want one. Just think about the advantages:
  • being able to clean your whole house in 30 minutes #winning
  • less clothes...less laundry #nudistsdontseemsocrazy
  • the freedom of no mortgage #daveramseywouldbeproud
  • less of an environmental footprint #weonlyhaveoneearth
  • mobility #maybealaska #yeahright
  • The less you have, the less you have to maintain. #myhubbyagrees
  • less time handcuffed to housework = more time with the snacking, clothes changing, messy kids #halleluyer
  • no more clutter #cluttermakesmelosemyshizz
The only disadvantages I can see are:
  • No Christmas tree (seriously...this is a biggie for me)...I could do this though:
    Ikea fabric tree #icoulddigit

  • I might possibly consider taking up drinking if I have to be within 3 arm's length of any human being for more than 8 hours a day. #ineedtointrovert
  • Where would all of our stuff go? #noreallywherewoulditgo
  • I must have a tub and real toilet. #noneofthatcompostingnonsense
  • the noise of being so close #lotsofnoisemakesmecranky 
So, there you go. If you still don't see the appeal, I leave you with this my friends:
tiny storybook house
Cutest house ever. End of story. 

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