Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Look at this face...
How you doin'?
I have wanted chickens for years. We live on an acre, and have a barn. Why would one not want chickens? I mean, they are hilarious. Please feel free to scroll back up to that picture and try not to chuckle. Did you know that chickens have personalities? They do. We have one we call "Nugget", although my husband still insists that her name is "White Bread". He thinks he is funny like that.
That stinker is the rebel rouser of the group. She is the smallest grown hen, but has the biggest attitude.
Nugget as an adolescent. She is a mess.
This is one of our babies. Not sure which one. Am I a bad chicken momma if I don't know which is which? I can barely keep all of my own kids' names straight most of the time, so whatever man. Don't judge me. 

Unnamed chicken being held against her will
Caroline says that the chickens "love to hug her". Really? I'm going to just let her keep thinking that. Maybe that means that she will be willing to scrape the 2 tons of chicken poop off of their nesting boxes if they give her enough hugs.  I won't hold my breath.

sweet 3rd child with fancy chicken
This one has recently grown long feathers around her neck. She is Fancy. (Cue, "I'm So Fancy" here, and get your groove on for a second...okay, come back now.). I have noticed her looking down on the other hens lately. I think she's getting a little full of herself if you ask me. Seriously, how cute is that sweet face (the kid, not the chicken)...which leads me to this...

He is the Jim Carry of 7-year-olds.
It's late, and I have to go tuck in my chickens...um, I mean, kids. 

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  1. I so love you and your awesome humor!!! Seriously. Why must we live so.far.apart!!!!!


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