Sunday, January 4, 2015

first post of 2015 (I have no clever title because SUGAR WITHDRAWALS)

Well, it's over. The holidays are behind us and we must all return to life as usual. I am fairly certain many of you had holidays much like mine. Lots of sleeping in, lots of sugar, lots of kids all up in your grill every minute of every day, and zero routine. All of these things are a recipe for disaster upon re-entry to "normal life". We are diving in head first tomorrow morning. Alarms are being set, lunches are being made, mid-morning cocktails may or not make an appearance. Just kidding (no matter what you may have heard).
So, as you can tell, I have mixed feelings about the post-holiday schedule. BOO to alarm clocks, YAY to children outta my face. I do love my kids, but the constant barrage of new toys + lots of sugar + no schedule = grumpy mom who is totally over it in all of the ways.
So, since we are talking about changes, did you make a New Year's resolution (or as I affectionately call it "what you will be feeling guilty about completely giving up on by mid-February")? Don't feel bad, I have tried to lose weight for about 15 years now. Stretchy pants and carbs love me more than skinny jeans and celery apparently. Also, closing in on 40 is a whole different level of "what in the world is going on with my body?". It's okay. I am just going to do the best I can. I got a Fitbit, and threw out the Christmas candy. I'm not going to make checks my body can't cash (and my body is currently overdrawn).
Sorry, it's the candy withdrawals. It's been like 2 hours. This is going to be rough, man.
Speaking of furniture, I have lots of pieces I am working on right now, but it is going to be like -217 degrees for the next couple of days, and the last piece I worked on in the freezing cold didn't take the paint well, so it will have to wait. I will also be detoxing from sugar, waking up before dawn, and getting back to our routine, so I will need all of my strength and body heat to survive. I'll get back in the shop later in the week when it doesn't feel like the Arctic Tundra outside. You know us Texans, we can power through the blistering August heat like nobody's business, but people lose their minds when it dips below freezing. I am trying to prepare myself for the "Arctic Blast" reports breaking in to my regularly scheduled programs for the next couple of days.
That's all I've got. I have to do some Downton binge watching now considering I am about one-and-a-half season behind and the new one starts tonight.

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