Thursday, November 13, 2014

thrifty thursday: better late then never addition

It is cold. Like freezing. I will not complain though because I prefer freezing over hotter than surface of the sun any day. I will say one thing though...Texas weather, you are drunk.

So, because I am totally on top of everything and have my life in perfect order, I forgot the Thrifty Thursday post for last week. Additionally, because my schedule is so precise and impeccably executed, I didn't even realize I had forgotten it until 2 days ago. I would like to say that it was because I was deep in a philosophical book about world peace or nuclear fusion, or that I was in my lab finding a cure for scurvy or something, but my life is nowhere near that exciting, or cultured. 

I was going to do a double post to make it up to you, but you are lucky that I'm sliding this one in today. You're welcome. I will try to make it worth your while. 

So, I have been perusing Pinterest (not as much as I would like, but honestly, I don't think I really have a limit), and have come across some wonderful homemade & homemade-ish Christmas ideas. Yes, Christmas because I don't want to beat a dead horse, and by dead horse, I am referring to fall. Sorrynotsorry fall, I really love you, but I am ready for Christmas already. It doesn't even feel like fall anymore. We got about 1.5 days of fall this year in Texas. Honestly, I was in flip-flops a few days ago, and now I'm all, "Where is your coat? You are going to freeze, and honestly, I don't have time to attend your funeral. I have a blog post to make up. Geeeeez", and "Oh my WORD, am I in Antarctica? I can't feel my face", and "For the love, get your tongue off that pole!" is a rundown of some of my favorite el cheapo Christmas ideas. Also, please note that these are an average of about a 2-4 on the "Craftiness Scale". They also can be made with things that you should have easy access to, and I am being serious. You won't need leaves from the sacred Japanese Christmas Maple of Northern Timbuktu, or yarn made from the fur of a chiru you can only find in the Himalayan mountains on the second Friday in December, or some such nonsense. I know, I was just as shocked as you will be that every American household doesn't have both of those.
Well, here goes nothin' (click on the picture to visit the how-to link):

This one looks super fun, but a little messy. I could see making this outside then putting it up somewhere where it won't be touched until it is taken down, unless you want it to look like it is snowing inside your home. If so, then this is perfect for you, and you should make dozens of them & have lots of little children over to your home. I PROMISE, you will definitely have fake snow in places you didn't even know fake snow could hide. You won't even have to ask them to touch it. Kids are thoughtful like that.

Now this one is near and dear to my heart. I have a magnolia tree in my backyard. It has only grown approximately 2 millimeters in the 9 years that we have lived here, but whatever. I love the green and brown of magnolia leaves, so I wouldn't paint them, but it is your decision and I won't judge you or call you a magnolia hater if you do.

I have actually made something similar. I used an embroidery hoop and natural wood clothespins. I just hot glued them on and added a wide plaid bow at the top. I found that facing the clothespins in opposite directions worked better. If you have them all going to the outside, you can't fit as many photos/cards/photocards on it. I also liked that it made my wreath wider and more substantial.

I have made this one as well. You could use yardsticks (as shown), or rulers, for a smaller version. You could also use old fence pickets, branches from fall tree trimming, paint stirring sticks, or any other stick-like things (just got to Lowes and ask for these...I promise, they won't make fun of you). 

The tool girl in me LOVES this project. (Tool Girl...a new superhero? Yes, yes please. "I volunteer as tribute!" Name that quote for 30 points to District 12.) Anyway, I will definitely try this one this year. So many fun options here. Did I mention how much I love this? Well, I do. Love. Old wood & ribbon...hands to the heavens.

I saved the best for last. If you hung around until now, congratulations! If not, well your loss...and you won't be reading this anyway, so never mind.
This is my fave. I know it isn't necessarily for everybody, but you could always do just one color (I prefer white) if the techicolor thing isn't your, um thing. This post (if you read it) would have seemed daunting, and you would be calling me a big fat liar considering it ranks at approximately an 8+ on the Craftiness Scale (um, it is also rude to call people names). However, if you use pom pom balls (they come in bulk packages at any craft store), and hot glued them to a wreath form (I would use a straw one covered in fabric) then it takes the Craftiness Rating down to about a 3, 3+ at the most. You could also use small yarn balls which would be {*cough}amazeballs...

So, there you go. If you take on any of these fun little crafts, please send me a picture. I would love to see how they turned out!


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