Tuesday, June 24, 2014

how to summer

I'm sitting here in Panera enjoying my quiet time because, you know all to well, that quiet time and summer in the same sentence is an absolute oxymoron. I don't know about you, but I fall into the category of wanting to keep my kids busy (so they aren't destroying the house all day and whining about how BOOORRRREEDDD they are) and wanting to become a hermit for 3 months because of the Texas heat.
I. cannot. deal.
It isn't even hot here yet. It hasn't hit 100 degrees for a solid month. Why am I whining? Because hormones. Yes, they have taken ahold of me with a furious passion and have made me a sweaty, cranky, sweaty mess. I even went to the doctor to check my "levels" or whatever they do. I'm fine...medically, at least. Mentally? We won't go there. It is summer and I have three kids after all.
What do y'all have going on? Most everyone I know is taking exotic vacations to Europe, and the Carribean, and San Antonio.
My kids want to go to the beach. "Which beach", you ask? Any beach. It must be because of the memorable trip to the Texas coast last year. Be jealous...it was everything you can imagine.
Actually, it was fun. The kids had a blast. We had a blast watching the kids have a blast. Isn't that what it is about anyway? Who goes on vacation for anything but the squeals and laughter of our kids? No one I tell you. No. One.
As a parent, vacations are exhausting and highly overrated. They are expensive. The packing in itself makes me lose the will to live. The pet sitting, house sitting, chicken sitting. It is all so exhausting. Then there is the drive (because who in the free world can pay for 5 round trip tickets anywhere) with all of the snacks, and "when are we going to beeeeee there", and "(insert child's name here) won't stop touching meeeeee"!!! And then there is the post-vacation depression that sets in...usually en route back home. Everyone is cranky, sun burned, and exhausted. There are no less than 145 loads of laundry (filled with sand if you are "lucky") to do, kids who, immediately upon stepping one foot in the door, are "SOOO bored",  and a dog that needs every inch of your space because he missed you and thought you were never, ever, ever coming back EVER.
But then we see this...

...and all of the sand in every square inch of my body, the 19 layers of sunscreen, the ,"Are we there yet?", the packing, the unpacking, the never-ending loads of laundry, the 3rd story hotel room with no stairs, the salty brown "drinking" water, the boogie board burn, and the sunburn are worth every single minute.
Happy summer y'all.

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